E MERALD  TRADING ENTERPRISES LLC incorporated as Limited Liability Company located in Musaffah Sanaiya of Abu Dhabi, UAE.

We deliver the highest quality of services, thus building a good relationship with the customers. Our philosophy is to create value for our customers by offering them the best materials, products and services that respond to their specific needs and allowing them to develop their market. Customer satisfaction is our priority. Emerald’s reputation is based on the quality of our employees, which reflect our integrity, flexibility and experience.

Today we take pride in saying that not only have we retained the trust of our principals, but also of our clients who ultimately benefit from our stringent rules on quality control.

In Emerald, we framed our work mode to “SOURCE-SUPPLY-SERVICE” strategy, which shows our strength of outsourcing worldwide to meet client’s requirement. Our Supply Chain Management sector offers a wide service in support to maintain the Supplier – Client relationship.

Our self-motivated and preserving sales team keep themselves informed of the various developments in our field. Our apt service reflects the experience of our employees throughout several modes of operation.

We aim to work as partnership, both in our service and our supply – service performance. We look forward to maintaining our esteemed market position in the years to come and we invite to join us in a positive partnership.