T he success of our company can be attributed to our ability to continually identify and respond to the changing demands across highly-diverse markets and to our expanding involvement in our communities in which we live and serve.

Emerald is setting the standards by having each operating unit work together to ensure our clients are given the most productive experience and receiving the most superior world-class products and services. The objective of the entire organization is to provide internationally competitive products and services, in terms of both price and quality, to allow our clients to operate at the highest levels of effectiveness and efficiency. Emerald continues its inexhaustible efforts to maintain a high standard of performance and will constantly focus and aspire to eventually become the leading Industrial Oilfield provider of turnkey Procurement – Service solutions in the UAE and Middle East Region.

Thanks to our devoted workforce and loyal customers, Emerald was able to raise its standards to have a controlling role in the market by setting the cost and value of a wide range of products to help serve our community.

We will continue to offer our clients with high advantages to help improve their chances in delivering the best results in their line of work.

This is a great opportunity to thank you for being an undeniable cause in our growth and success and we look forward to continually serve your needs.